Digital Art Competition 2004 Gallery
(selected entries)

First Place
Mitch Eckert, "Still Life with Release"
Second Place
Hyeonjin Kim, "Jack and Jill"
Third Place
Golf and Games, "Colette Fu"
Honorable Mention
Kristal Steinke, "Train Ride 2"
Honorable Mention
Gregory Onray, "Other People's Stair"
Honorable Mention
Chalda Maloff, "The Peacemaker"

Mitch Eckert

Still Life with Release

Hyeonjin Kim

Jack and Jill

Chalda Maloff

The Peacemaker

Colette Fu

Golf and Games
Lynn Anderson

Brain Scan 1
Corinne Bishara Bako

Transparent Poise
Kris Buchanan

Bonnie Foley

Quintin Gonzalez

Unmerciful Messia
Lynn Hill

Robert J. Krawczyk

Untitled 2
Anastassia Menshikova


Matt Santone

Remember if when how without why?

Leslie Sobel

What Leads Within

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