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Bill Thompson: Altered Flats
This site specific installation, commissioned by the Butler Institute, features wall sculpture in monochromatic colors. These unique works were fabricated utilizing space-age materials‹acrylic urethane paint on polyurethane block‹and applied with a complex spray technique devised by the artist.

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A Veiling: An Installation by Ed Hallahan with Jacki Mountan

This site-specific installation juxtaposes technology with traditional art media, creating an inventive environmental statement that includes fiber, wood, video, light and sound.

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Tony Martin: The Door

A founder of art installations using light, Martin has, since the 1960s, created seminal new media works. Electronic systems were the interface between the viewer and the event and process of the sculpture or installed environment. He created the electronic and optical configurations for these in his own studio, and when necessary, commissioned help from the new generation of engineers and scientists forging new ways and methods.

Oct 08, 2006 Through Feb 25, 2007
Sally Weber: Strata Series Holograms (Bermant Gallery)

Patterns of motion pulsate in these works that utilize a holographic technique to reveal the movement of breath, blood and muscle tension on the surface the body. "If these patterns. . .are constant but unseen," the artist asks, "how many other layers of body and mind are masked from us?" This exhibition, which was first seen at the Center for Holographic Arts in Long Island City, New York, is made possible in part by the David Bermant Foundation. Sally Weber

November 30, 2005 through April 15, 2006
The 5th Beecher Center Annual Digital Art & Animation Competition

Now in it’s 5th year, this exhibition presents the artworks of competition winners from across the nation.

November 13, 2005 through January 29, 2006
The Body Electric

This exhibition presents recent works by a group of internationally known holographers. A variety of subjects including portraits, still life and landscapes as well as various holographic techniques are featured in this show such as transmission, reflective and projection holograms.

November 13, 2005 through January 29, 2006
Jon Meyer: Yeti and Other Works

The Yeti was thought to be a mythical beast from the high Himalayas. Other names for it are Bigfoot, Sasquatch, and the Abominable Snowman. It’s sighting out of hedges and around the Butler Institute has been documented by John Meyer, an artist/designer and media videographer. This documentation and other works by this new age artist will be on view at in the Butler’s Beecher Center Bermant Gallery.

January 30 - October 16, 2005
Michael Hardesty : New Installations

These two new installation works by advent garde artist, created specifically for the Butler Institute, will feature digital sound and video technologies designed to engage the viewer in an other-worldly atmosphere of color and light.




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