The Beecher Center is an exciting facility that provides opportunities for the creation, exhibition, archiving and dissemination of technology-based art. In a creative and balanced partnership with Youngstown State University, the Beecher Center is an interactive learning environment designed to enhance teaching and research in new media. Both education and artistic production are central to the purpose of the Beecher Center and the Center promotes the collaboration between art and technology.
Programming and exhibitions at the Center stress the use of new media to enhance creativity and the learning process through artistic exploration and experimentation with new technological tools.
Integral components to the Center are gallery and on-line exhibitions and a visiting artist program. The first features artists from around the globe and the second emphasizes those individuals who can enrich the learning environment for students and faculty. Central to the visiting artist program is the connection with K-12 institutions in a distance learning capacity. The visiting artist program also benefits selected emerging artists in their development and exposure.


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