OBAR Technology Initiative:
Distance Learning Partnerships in the Arts by Using Technology 

• Interdisciplinary partnerships within the university
• Partnerships with local and regional schools
• National and international partnerships with other museums

The Distance Learning through the Arts Project at Youngstown State University is still in the equipment acquisition stage, although the television studio and artist's production studio are up and running. Within these areas we are hosting:

- A series of visiting artists have given public lectures and/or demonstrations. An exciting, interdisciplinary slate is committed for 2000-2001.

- Courseware is being developed to broadcast from the Beecher Center beginning January, 2001. It is targeted to high school art students.

- A network of public visual arts teachers who are highly interested in technological issues has been formed with regular meetings and exchanges planned for the school year. An on-line gallery of student artwork is being developed. Special broadcasts of Dana School of Music concerts will be disseminated to public schools through broadcast technology.

- A high definition video series is underway at the Beecher Center, as well as an animation series that will be simultaneously broadcast at the Center and to various schools. K-12 related activities are being developed.

- An educational partnership has been established with the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts to collaborate on programming, as well as with the Eyebeam Atelier in New York City and the ZKM Museum in Germany.



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