Auditions for the Dana School of Music are held from January to March for admission of the following fall semester.  Please contact the Dana School of Music office to inquire or request specific auditions days at
(330) 941-3636
The Clarinet Studio Audition Requirements
(Piano Accompaniment recommended but not required)
1) Two pieces of contrasting styles by different composers from the standard clarinet literature
  1.  One etude from the Rose 32 or 40 Studies
  2.  The Concertino by Weber
  3.  Adagio & Tarantella by Ernesto Cavallini
  4. And/Or a movement from:
  5.  Clarinet Concerto by Mozart, Krommer, or Stamitz
  6.  Clarinet Sonata by Saint-Saens or Poulenc
  7.  Solo de Concours by Rabaud or Messager
2)   Pitch Matching
The students should demonstrate the ability to match the pitch played on the piano with his/her voice as well as with the clarinet.
3) Chord Indentification
The student should identify the quality of the chords (major, minor, augmented, and diminished)