LiveLine Season 6:

Issue 6 Number 3
February 24, 2011

Parker Hannifin Foundation supports Hx
Partner Profile: Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Circus
Hx parters with YSU's STEM college

Issue 6 Number 3
November 19, 2010

Hx Guest: YSU President Dr. Cynthia Anderson
Partner Profile: Sheetz

Issue 6 Number 2
October 29, 2010

Hx Guest: Birds in Flight Sanctuary
Crew Profile: Rose Bonilla

Issue 6 Number 1
October 1, 2010

Hx begins its sixth season
Hx welcomes new Executive Producer Bill Brophy
Partner Profile: Pizza Hut
LiveLine Season 4:
Issue 4 Number 13
March 15, 2009

Youngstown mayor Jay Williams visits HX set
Math Matters with John Hoffman
Extra Mile Teacher Mrs. Colleen Moritz
Issue 4 Number 12
March 1, 2009

Special Issue
J Ford Crandall Memorial Foundation Grant helps HX grow
Issue 4 Number 11
February 15, 2009

HX remote from Great Lakes Science Center
Express guests: Ryan Livingston, Jared Ruiz and John Hoffman
Crew Profile: Kevin Davis
Issue 4 Number 10
February 1, 2009

Partner Profile: Schwebel's
Shooting Hoops with Buckets of the Harlem Globetrotters
Inauguration Day with Dr. Cryshanna Jackson
Issue 4 Number 9
January 15, 2009

Express guests: Jena Talbot and Alyssa Rinaldi
Focus on HX website
Crew Profile: Tony Marr
Issue 4 Number 8
January 1, 2009

Partner Profile: Shearer's
HX Poster available for download
HX returns live January 6th!
Issue 4 Number 7
December 15, 2008

Partner Profile: Shearer's
HX guest: Taylor from Girard
Best of HX over winter break
Issue 4 Number 6
December 1, 2008

Partner Profile: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & Museum
Crew Profile: Jonny Yurco
HX enters the Media Festival
Issue 4 Number 5
November 15, 2008

Election emphasis with Dr. Cryshanna Jackson
Dan Rossi discusses the economy on HX
Crew Pfoile: Emily Russo
Issue 4 Number 4
November 1, 2008

"Spooktacular" guests on the HX set for Halloween
Partner Profile: YMCA
Shoutout Debate 2008
Issue 4 Number 3
October 15, 2008

YSU sponsors HX
Call for homework help sites
Math Matters with Laura Nash
Crew Profile: John Matthews
Issue 4 Number 2
October 1, 2008

Homework Express posters
Partner Profile: Dunkin' Donuts
Crew Profile: Natasha Clark
Issue 4 Number 1
September 15, 2008

Homework Express 4th season premiere: September 16th
HX to include SMART Technology
Partner Profile: The Ohio Lottery
Crew Profile: Lea Nesbitt

LiveLine Season 3:

Issue 3 Number 17
May 15, 2008

Homework Express season finale
HX Guests: Mike & Maria Adams, Joe Edwards, Kim Kyle & Sandy Cutlip
The Champion HS Robotics team visits the HX set!
Issue 3 Number 16
May 1, 2008

Express Guest: Janet Williams
Partner Profile: Sharon Speedway
Perkins sponsors contest
Issue 3 Number 15
April 15, 2008

Express Guest: Kristen Placer
Hx Guest: Sheetz
Crew Profile: Mike Moliterno
Issue 3 Number 14
April 1, 2008

Vindicator Regional Spelling Bee champ, Hannah Stang Gerdes
Segment Spotlight: Jim Kerr
Hx Guest: Jim Dolan
Women's History Month: Rebecca Whittenberger
Issue 3 Number 13
March 15, 2008

Partner Profile: Chick-fil-A
Crew Profile: Sam McKenney
Pi Day contest on Hx set
Issue 3 Number 12
March 1, 2008

Partner Profile: Jib Jab Hot Dog Shoppe
Crew Profile: Frank Bosak
Hx Blog now online
Issue 3 Number 11
February 15, 2008

Skate Zone Scramble
Segment Spotlight: Jim Kerr on Hx
Anywhere in the world: Hx streaming
Issue 3 Number 10
February 1, 2008

Partner Profile: Boston Mills, Brandywine
Crew Profile: Lauren Shaughnessy
Segment Spotlight: Watering Down Complexity in Math
Issue 3 Number 9
January 15, 2008

Partner Profile: Great Lakes Science Center
Crew Profile: Erianne Raib
Segment Spotlight: Measuring Melvin the Mannequin
Issue 3 Number 8
January 1, 2008

Hx returns LIVE on January 8th
Happy New Year from the Hx Crew
Homework Help 5 days a week
Issue 3 Number 7
December 15, 2007

Partner Profile: The Ohio Lottery
Spotlight: Guidance Counselors check out Hx
News: Hx continues through holiday season
Partner Profile: Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
Issue 3 Number 6
December 1, 2007

Crew Profile: Josh Terlecki
Segment Spotlight: It's a Math, Math, Math, Math World
Partner Profile: Professional Football Hall of Fame
Issue 3 Number 5
November 15, 2007

Nick Haught: New addition to Hx team
Show Spotlight: Rebecca Wittenberger from the Arms Museum
Student Profile: Adam Rogers
Issue 3 Number 4
November 1, 2007

Episode Spotlight: Halloween-themed episode full of surprises
Student Profile: Nicole Peterson
Partner Profile: Chipotle
Issue 3 Number 3
October 15, 2007

Hx streaming LIVE with Network Online LLC.
Partner Profile: The Flaming Ice Cube
Hx Guest: Heather Merritt
Issue 3 Number 2
October 4, 2007

Homework Express premieres season 3
Partner Profile: Subway
Hx Guest: YSU Women's Basketball player, Jessica Schloemp
Issue 3 Number 1
September 12, 2007

New Season of Hx begins Tuesday, September 25th
Hx now reaching more homes
Hx on Time Warner Channel 23

LiveLine Season 2:

Issue 2 Number 14
May 1, 2007

Hx Guests: The Cotton Sisters
Hx auditions for teachers
Sponsor Profile: The Youngstown Playhouse
Issue 2 Number 13
April 15, 2007

Thanks to the Frank and Pearl Gelbman Foundation for their support of HX
Teen XTREME on Hx
Hx Profile: Lea Nesbitt, Robyn Musgrove & Samantha Lemke
Sponsor Profile: T.J. Maxx
Issue 2 Number 12
April 1, 2007

Hx Guest: 2007 Spelling Champ John Umble
Student Profile: Frank Bosak
Sponsor Profile: Olive Garden
Hx now on MyYTV on DirectTV
Issue 2 Number 11
March 15, 2007

Hx Guest: Jesse Bettikofer
Science Day at YSU
Sponsor Profile: Jib Jab Hot Dog Shoppe
Student Profile: Nicole Patterson
Issue 2 Number 10
March 1, 2007

OGT Preparation
Your School on Hx
Sponsor Profile: Wedgewood Pizza
Issue 2 Number 9
February 15, 2007

Hx Guest: Dr. Tish Biggs
Hx Guest: Dan Kuzma
Hx Guest Host: Danielle Emery
Issue 2 Number 8
February 1, 2007

Hx Guest: Dr. Philip Ginnetti
Hx Guest: Rebecca Whittenberger
Views from our audience
Issue 2 Number 7
January 24, 2007

Hx on MyYTV Saturdays at 10 a.m.
Sponsor Profile: Skate Zone
Hx Returns after Winter Break
Issue 2 Number 6
December 1, 2006

Views from our audience
Sponsor Profile: Rotary Club of Boardman
Partner Profile: MyYTV
Issue 2 Number 4
November 1, 2006

HX Halloween
Viewers tell more
A Day in the Life
Issue 2 Number 3
October 15, 2006

HX Credit Card
Viewers Sound Off
Student Opportunities
Partner Profile: Glow Fore It
Issue 2 Number 2
October 1, 2006

Viewers Voice Appreciation
HX Credit Card
Web Feature:
Issue 2 Special Edition
September 18, 2006

Season Two Begins
Student Submissions
Issue 2 Number 1
September 9, 2006

HX Nominated for an Emmy
Cast Announced
What is LiveLine

LiveLine Season 1:

Issue 1 Number 20
May 15, 2006

First Year of HX
Student Submissions
Partner Profile: HOT 101
Summer Break News
Issue 1 Number 19
May 1, 2006

Partner Profile: MS Consultants, Inc.
Partners Tour Studio
Student Profile: Jason Mauro
New Opportunity
Issue 1 Number 18
April 15, 2006

Teacher Auditions
Partner Profile: Hobby Lobby
Partner Profile: USA Parking
Issue 1 Number 17
April 1, 2006

Issue 1 Number 16
March 15, 2006

Opportunity for Viewers
Partner Profile: Starbuck's
Spelling Champ Visits
Behind the Scenes of HX
Issue 1 Number 15
February 28, 2006

Mayor Williams Visits
Hx Coverage Area Expands
Student Profile: Floor Manager Ashley Himes
Express Test Review
Thank You Dunkin' Donuts
Issue 1 Number 14
February 15, 2006

Express Test Review
Thank You Camelot Lanes
Student Profile: Asst. Director Jason Kelly
Thank You Giant Eagle
Issue 1 Number 13
February 1, 2006

Beginning of Season 2
Thank You Regal Entertainment Group
How's That Work?
Partnership with the Ronald McDonald House Charities
Send us your science questions
Issue 1 Number 12
January 15, 2006

Send us your science questions
New Science Corner with Dr. Mike Serra
Introducing Engineer Tracey Liston
Thank You Auntie Anne's
Issue 1 Number 11
January 1, 2006

Happy New Year!
Send us your Brain Builders and Photos
Other Homework shows around the country
Thank You Handel's
Issue 1 Number 10
December 15, 2005

Photo Challenge
Loyal Caller Brendan O'Hara
How Live TV Works
Brain Builders
Issue 1 Number 9
December 1, 2005

Looking for Students!
We have a poster!
Get ready for the OGTs
Brain Builders!
Thank You Dick's Sporting Goods
Issue 1 Number 8
November 15, 2005

Opportunity for Students!
Behind the Scenes!
Crew Update
Issue 1 Number 7
November 1, 2005

What is Homework Express?
Teen Xtreme
Watch Homework Express
Thank You!
Issue 1 Number 6
October 15, 2005

Check out some homework resources
Beyond the Studio
Thank You prizes
Catch us on your local public access channel!
Issue 1 Number 5
October 4, 2005

Homework Express is on a roll!
Visit our website! Subscribe to LiveLine!
Teacher Profile: Amy Burd
Director Profile: Dr. Fred Owens
Issue 1 Premiere Edition
September 20, 2005

Homework Express Premiers Today!
Today's Teachers: Amy Burd and Joe Radza
Kelly Stevens
Find out what channel the show's on in your area
Issue 1 Number 4
September 15, 2005

Kelly Stevens, HOT 101 DJ, to host Hx
Meet Girard teacher Joe Radza
Meet Girard Teacher Kristy Fill
Take a look at the new set for Hx
Issue 1 Number 3
September 1, 2005

Meet Associate Producer Amy Crawford
Meet Associate Producer Bill Brophy
Subscribe to LiveLine
Gearing up for the premiere
Issue 1 Number 2
August 15, 2005

Meet Executive Producer Jim Stipetich
Davelle Heath to Field Produce
Final touches on our set
Still need volunteers
Issue 1 Number 1
August 1, 2005

Homework Express premiers on September 20
Auditions will be held for interested teachers
Want to volunteer?